LEAF production restarted in Oppama

Netherlands LEAFs

Netherland sees first LEAFs and production restarts in Japan

On March 24, Nissan LEAF production resumed at the Oppama plant, and LEAF battery production resumed at the Zama battery plant. Nissan’s largest logistical issue is rolling blackouts and electricity shortages rather than parts and supplier constraints. Nissan Americas plants plan on normal production through the end of the month when they will again look at supplier issues. Altima, Nissan’s best seller, is made in Tennessee. Nissan’s Mexican, Canadian and Brazilian operations are not expected to be impacted, so Sentra and Versa production should continue without issue.

First Portugal, then the United Kingdom and now the Netherlands have started seeing their first LEAFs. The first 100 LEAFs in the Netherlands are part of a partnership between Nissan and the City of Amsterdam in conjunction with LeasePlan, a fleet management firm with over a million vehicles in service around the world. The first 18 vehicles arrived on March 25, with the remainder due in the next few weeks. In total, thirteen countries are involved in the agreement crossing much of Europe.

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