The EV Project to start residential installations

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Blink Level 2 Residential Charging Station

Los Angeles and San Diego to receive first installations

We recently reported that the Blink Level 2 charging station received UL approval. Today ECOtality will begin in-home installations. Taking a page from the Nissan LEAF publicity manual, ECOtality will install units in Los Angeles and San Diego today, in the Portland, Oregon region tomorrow, Seattle on Thursday and Arizona on Friday. Somehow we don’t see the same level of media enthusiasm for EVSE installations.

Memphis, Tennessee has been added to the EV Project expanding the scope of the project in the state.

ECOtality not only offers home charging stations, but will also offer a pedestal mount commercial version along with a DC Fast Charger for commercial applications. According to their latest press release, both hardwire and plug-in stations are available. Look for more information on available EVSE alternatives soon.

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4 Responses to The EV Project to start residential installations

  1. Tom K says:

    It’s about time… Although Nissan told me today that the delay of my EV Project EVSE has nothing to do with my LEAF delay… Good grief Charlie Brown!…

    • Ernie Hernandez (LEAFguy) says:

      Tom – welcome to Living LEAF. I know what you mean! It is a process that demands patience. We see EVSE and production issues resolving themselves.

  2. indyflick says:

    They installed a Clipper Creek EVSE for me while the Blink was being UL approved. I understand they will be swapping out the Clipper Creek soon. I don’t understand while they weren’t stubbing out public Level 2 locations in anticipation of UL approval. The EV Project is hopelessly behind schedule at this point. It’s really sad.

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