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J. D. Power EV Study analysis continued

November 13, 2012

Wrong size and not reliable? Really? In our last article, we took a look at the issue of the cost of driving a Nissan LEAF. In this one, we will examine the two other reasons cited for not going electric – vehicle size and reliability. One of the most likely reasons one might buy a […]

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How much does it cost to drive a Nissan LEAF?

June 19, 2012

Monthly electricity charge to drive a LEAF As many of our loyal readers know by now, we have had our LEAF for over a year. We picked it up on March 25 of last year and to date have accumulated the grand total of 7,577 miles – or about half of what many Southern California […]

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Nissan LEAF one year battery check

April 18, 2012

Our LEAF goes in for its annual checkup As with most other things in life, we were late getting our LEAF in for its first annual battery checkup. We took delivery of our LEAF on March 25 of last year, and in that time have managed to rack up a total of only 6,400 miles. […]

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Nissan LEAF Informational Videos

March 19, 2012

All you ever wanted to know about the Nissan LEAF – and more… Recently we were wandering around in the My Nissan LEAF forum and saw that someone was looking for the Nissan DVD that explains the operation of various features on the LEAF. This DVD was provided for all Nissan products (Nissan referred to […]

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Charging your LEAF at a Nissan dealership

May 15, 2011

Please remember that dealers are doing us a favor In our readings around the web, we have been truly amazed at some of the attitudes displayed by some LEAF owners. It seems that many new LEAF owners feel that they are somehow entitled to free electricity at any Nissan dealer anywhere, whenever they like. Certainly […]

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Nissan speaks

April 19, 2011

Info regarding LEAF campaign This is what Nissan had to say about their issues that we reported on just last week: Ernie, Nissan is committed to providing the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction. With that in mind, we want to bring to your attention important information regarding your Nissan LEAF™. REASON FOR […]

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