Nissan makes electric sexy

February 20, 2017

Nissan’s BladeGlider gets an update Perhaps recognizing that there’s not much excitement with their everyday electric car, the LEAF, Nissan announced Margot Robbie as their new electric vehicle ambassador with a video of her racing around the streets of Monaco in the newly redesigned BladeGlider. Here’s a look: Nissan introduced the BladeGlider, an all-electric, rear-wheel-drive, […]

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Look for Monster Tajima at Pike’s Peak in Rimac electric race car

May 26, 2015

Potential record setting combination I’ve written about Rimac before (found here). Founded five years ago, Rimac hasn’t run out of money yet, and they build a wicked fast electric vehicle (EV) concept. Now, according to their new YouTube video (found here), it looks like they are teaming with the also wicked fast Monster Tajima to […]

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Chevy Spark EV and Fiat 500e drives

October 6, 2013

A quick comparison The National Plug In Day in San Diego last weekend was well attended by existing electric vehicle (EV) owners, and those considering them. Many manufacturers were represented (primarily by sales consultants riding shotgun) as they provided vehicles to be driven or sometimes to be ridden in (Tesla Model S and BMW I3). […]

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National Plug In Day coming up

September 17, 2013

Over 90 events to be held globally The third annual National Plug In Day (NPID) is actually two days this year – the weekend of September 28-29. NPID is nationally sponsored by Plug In America, Sierra Club and Electric Auto Association to promote all plug in vehicles – be they full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) […]

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Hitting LA Auto Show tomorrow

November 28, 2012

Looking to check out the new EV action There will be some interesting electric vehicle (EV) launches at the LA show this year – Chevrolet Spark EV and Fiat 500E – along with the availability of some existing EVs that we haven’t driven yet. We hope to get behind the seat of the Honda Fit EV as well as the […]

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EVs at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

August 13, 2012

EVs well represented at Pikes Peak 2012 Electric Vehicles (EVs) were well represented at the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event this year. Of the 87 cars entered seven were electric. Two of those cars finished in the top ten overall. Pictured above is the racing EV of Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, running a fully electric race […]

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Nissan LEAF limo finds a home in Tennessee

July 18, 2012

Visitors to Nissan HQ to arrive green and clean I had read about the creation of the Nissan LEAF limo not long ago by a Missouri coach building firm. I did not, however, expect to be personally impacted by it. As it turns out, the new residence for the first of these to make it […]

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New electric record set at Nurburgring

June 29, 2012

Audi R8 e-tron claims glory We have written before about electric cars setting records at the ‘ring. We wrote about Peugeot’s record in May of last year, which was in a concept vehicle. Then again, we wrote about Toyota’s record, with a full-blown electric race car in August. This time, we write about a production […]

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Renault to offer EV car sharing program in France

June 13, 2012

Renault Twizy fleet entering test phase The Renault Twizy is a true electric vehicle (EV) city car. What better way to test market a city EV than through a car sharing program, similar to what Daimler is doing with the smart fortwo electric drive that we just wrote about. The Twizy has no aspirations of […]

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Toyota to enter EV at Pikes Peak

June 8, 2012

Toyota’s entry a true electric race car Toyota introduced this car at the Nurburgring last year with an amazingly fast 7:47 tour of the ‘ring, establishing a new lap record for electric cars. Now with more power and torque on hand, they plan on taking on the hill. The car has been regeared from its […]

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