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East Coast LEAF owners have cause to rejoice

July 10, 2013
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Quick Charger installation to begin on East Coast Back in May we wrote about Nissan’s plan to install 500 DC quick charge stations around the country in the next 18 months (found here). At the time, Nissan was reluctant to provide any additional details. Now they have regarding at least a portion of these installations. […]

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Nissan LEAF availability

November 27, 2011
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Reservation not required Certainly, this will not be the case across the country. And it will likely not be the case in newly opened Nissan LEAF markets. But it is worth noting, so we are passing this information along – Nissan LEAF is available without a reservation. At least to a limited degree. We just […]

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The current state of the electric car

August 17, 2011
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July sales slow for LEAF and Volt Yes, we know that this is old news. But we’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now. It seems that there is more to the slowdown than lack of supply, as is generally credited in much that we read. “Nissan is recovering from the natural […]

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2011 Nissan LEAF availability

July 25, 2011
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What is the current status of LEAF distribution? 2011 Nissan LEAF production has ramped up to near its capacity levels. Full Oppama, Japan capacity is still only around 4,100 units per month for global distribution. And remember that all Japanese industrial and manufacturing companies have had their electric supply reduced by 15%. So max production […]

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LEAF and EV news

June 11, 2011

Weekly roundup Nissan dealers getting LEAF demos Sighted this week at some Southern California Nissan dealerships were LEAF demo vehicles. This likely counts for some of the delay in getting vehicles into consumer’s hands. We don’t know how many Nissan dealerships are receiving the demo LEAFs, but it seems likely that all of the LEAF […]

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Charging your LEAF at a Nissan dealership

May 15, 2011

Please remember that dealers are doing us a favor In our readings around the web, we have been truly amazed at some of the attitudes displayed by some LEAF owners. It seems that many new LEAF owners feel that they are somehow entitled to free electricity at any Nissan dealer anywhere, whenever they like. Certainly […]

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Day One

March 25, 2011

The Eagle has landed Ok… so it might not be quite as dramatic as a lunar landing, but having our LEAF in our garage is still pretty exciting! The day started early this morning with the installation crew from Sunwest Electric showing up to install our ECOtality Blink charging dock. Several hours later our new […]

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Nissan LEAF production and delivery process – firsthand

January 20, 2011

Follow the timing on one LEAF On January 11, 2011 we received the following note from Nissan via e-mail: Hi Ernie, congratulations! Your vehicle is scheduled to arrive at your Nissan Dealer in the month of March 2011. As your Nissan LEAF™ is being built and shipped, we will continue to update your vehicle’s status. So […]

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How can you buy a LEAF if reservations are closed?

January 13, 2011

Cities will need to rethink bid process We were wading through our inbox and came across an unusual item – an invitation to bid to sell the city of Seattle Nissan LEAF SV Electrical Vehicles. How exactly would someone submit a bid on a vehicle that needs to be ordered by the user, and reservations to […]

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Real Nissan LEAF owners exceed 100 mile range

January 5, 2011

LEAF owners trek over 100 miles home from dealer Two cautiously adventurous new LEAF owners chose to drive over 100 miles home in their inaugural drive of their new electric vehicle (EV). Guess what? They made it. We say cautiously adventurous because an asterisk needs to be placed next to the entry in the book (for […]

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