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Charging stations now in fourteen states

Kohl’s Department Stores has just announced the installation of 36 additional charging stations in 18 additional locations by later this fall. This will bring the count to over 100 charging docks in 52 locations over 14 states. These charging stations will be available to Kohl’s customers at no charge while they shop.

Kohl’s began the program of installing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) in December 2011, with the intent of operating the program for two years. Kohl’s will evaluate the program at that time to determine their future plans.

As can be seen from their Sustainable Strategies pyramid, Kohl’s takes a holistic approach to optimizing all aspects of sustainability. Starting with 19 solar locations in California in 2007, Kohl’s has now expanded that count to 124 locations in ten states. Recycling is a huge energy saver as well, and Kohl’s recycles 78 percent of all waste. Finally, all of Kohl’s new construction takes into consideration a multitude of factors to reduce their energy footprint.

If you are still reading, you might wonder why we commit so much time and effort to write about these efforts on the part of a department store chain. We feel that this represents a recognition on the part of business that sustainability measures are of value – from a corporate standpoint as well as an environmental one.


  1. A Kohl’s I’ve visited in my neck of the woods has one L2 EVSE with no “EV only” signage, resulting in an “iced” condition most of the time. Although I appreciate Kohl’s for thinking ahead, they need to follow through with the signage. It’s even ok that the EV parking spots are not at the front door either….

    1. Tom – thanks for the feedback. And that is why we, as EV owners, need to ask where the suggestion box is or better yet ask for the floor manager to pass along our input. I see opportunities all over in almost any situation where the work is 90 percent complete, or customer service satisfying, but it is lacking just the last little bit. If one wants to be particularly pro-active, a follow-up politely worded email to the corporate website can help these things along.

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