Free LEAF taxi rides for Londoners

by Ernie Hernandez on June 24, 2012

LEAF UK taxi

Nissan highlights low cost per mile

This past weekend a fleet of highly visible Nissan LEAFs took to the streets of London to bring a focus to the lower cost per mile of driving an electric vehicle (EV) as compared to a gasoline vehicle.

Nissan chose to use Twitter as a big part of the campaign. Potential riders would tweet #6XCHEAPER along with the requested destination. The hashtag was selected to highlight the fact that an EV is 6 times cheaper to operate than a gasoline vehicle. For instance, a drive of 60 miles would cost £6 in a gasoline powered car but only £1 pound in the electric powered LEAF. This event is part of a broader campaign in the United Kingdom to focus attention on the advantages of owning an electric vehicle. In addition to lower fuel costs, EVs avoid London’s congestion charge and has no annual vehicle excise duty.

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