Aptera gets new life

by Ernie Hernandez on May 10, 2012


Chinese investors revive Aptera

Seeming more like a Phoenix than an Apteryx, Aptera may yet come to be as a Chinese-backed venture.

Jonway Group, a Chinese Electric bike, scooter and ATV maker, has purchased the assets of Aptera Motors, according to Fox News. With this development, another electric vehicle (EV) maker may be providing vehicles to the segment as early as next year. Jonway is looking to produce the vehicle bodies in China while performing final assembly in the United States using A123 provided batteries and Remy electric motors.

The three wheeled vehicle is considered a motorcycle, though it has an enclosed body and offers seating for two. No government funding will be sought. The lack of said funding was a factor in the demise of Aptera Motors. No price has been set.

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