January 2012

LEAF is not Nissan’s only green transportation

January 31, 2012

Solar panels help reduce emissions on Nissan’s newest transport ship Nissan not only provides zero emission transport for the masses, they also provide reduced emission car carriers to deliver them. Nissan’s Nichioh Maru, nicknamed RORO (as in Roll On, Roll Off – watch the video and you’ll understand) was just introduced as the first energy […]

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Honda delivers first Fit EV

January 29, 2012

City of Torrance gets demonstration vehicle We wrote in February of last year that Honda would introduce the Fit EV in a demonstration program in the city of Torrance, California. Almost twelve months later, this has finally come to pass. In addition, Honda will be offering a vehicle to Stanford University and one to Google as […]

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CARB approves clean car rules

January 27, 2012

New standards approved, include Zero Emissions Vehicle regulation California, long a leader in setting industry standards in the automotive industry, has just approved their Advanced Clean Car Rules. So what, exactly, does this mean? The Advanced Clean Car Program put forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is comprised essentially of four components: Greenhouse gas […]

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JD Power 2012 Avoider Study released

January 26, 2012

Fuel efficiency key driver for purchase decisions J.D. Power surveys everyone about everything. The company, based in Southern California, has surveyed consumers since 1968. While best known for their automotive surveys, J.D. Power also conducts surveys in a number of other industries, including boats, electronics, insurance and travel, among others. Survey results are then compiled […]

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Interior EV sounds in your future?

January 25, 2012

Perhaps like a 1963 E-type Jaguar? In our web wanderings, we discovered that a British sound engineer is producing artificial sounds for electric vehicles (EVs). The difference between these sounds and the current exterior vehicle sound for pedestrians, is that these sounds are designed for interior reproduction. One thing that we appreciate about the LEAF […]

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What to do with your used LEAF battery

January 23, 2012

Recycling is just one option In September 2010, Nissan announced a partnership with Sumitomo Corporation. This partnership created a company called 4R Energy Corporation – 4R stands for Reuse, Refabricate, Resell and Recycle. 4R is taking the next step in its development by partnering with ABB, a global power technology company. One goal of ABB […]

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Never be stranded in a Nissan LEAF

January 22, 2012

It’s simple if you know how The number one question that we get when we start talking about our LEAF is this – “Doesn’t it go just 100 miles?” To which our standard answer is some variation of this – “And we should be concerned about that why?” We rarely drive more than 20 to 40 […]

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NHTSA says Chevrolet Volt at no greater fire risk than gasoline powered vehicles

January 21, 2012

“No discernible defect trend exists” Electric vehicles, whether they are full battery-electric vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF, or hybrid electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, present new technology that has not yet been fully tested in the real world. By this we mean that computer simulations and laboratory testing will provide a large […]

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Innovation for All?

January 19, 2012

How about a self-healing iPhone case Nissan in 2005 developed a self-healing vehicle coating that allows fine scratches to mend themselves. This coating is currently used on certain Infiniti and Nissan models (the LEAF is not one of them). When Nissan says fine scratches, think automated car washes that beat your car up with rubber […]

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Real world experience in the Nissan LEAF

January 17, 2012

9,000 miles in less than six months Personal experience of a thing provides validation that is, quite often, otherwise not available. We recently read an article by a relatively new Nissan LEAF owner. The reason that we want to pass along this story is two-fold: He has completed all of his driving without buying a […]

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