September 2011

Nissan LEAF availability includes six more states

September 29, 2011

Six more states added to LEAF rollout Nissan announced the launch of the Nissan LEAF today in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. Existing reservation holders will be the first offered the ability to order in these states with initial deliveries estimated to begin in December. All 2012 LEAFs will include […]

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The airport charging solution – revised

September 29, 2011

Who needs chargers? Thanks to Tom K’s comment on our previous post, we have revised our thoughts on airport electric vehicle (EV) (and other long-term) charging solutions. The supplied 120 volt EVSE that Nissan includes with your LEAF (and other manufacturer’s will likely include with their vehicles) is all you need for your charging solution […]

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The airport charging solution

September 27, 2011

An idea for more productive airport EV charging Some airports (LAX, San Francisco and Denver – that we’re aware of so far) are offering either free parking, free charge stations or both to electric vehicle (EV) owners. The challenge to the current solution is two-fold: What do you do if you show up and there […]

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Greater range possible with new EV battery

September 26, 2011

Potential 35% range improvement A group of three electric vehicle (EV) battery developers in Europe have developed a Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) design battery that occupies 50% less volume and 30% less mass – all  while providing a range improvement of 35% over existing Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies. The group is led by Axeon. Not […]

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European group supports one EV charge port standard

September 24, 2011

Standard supported by some member manufacturers The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has proposed a single connection standard for AC and DC charging of all electric vehicles (EVs) sold in European Union (EU) countries beginning in 2017. ACEA is comprised of 15 truck and automobile manufacturers with European interests. The standard recommended by the ACEA […]

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Is a massive EV infrastructure necessary?

September 23, 2011

We think not Nissan’s belief that an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure must be in place before EVs are sold in scale is, we think, an incorrect assumption. Let’s take a look at some current realities. The generation one Nissan LEAF has a real world range for most drivers of 60 miles to 90 miles […]

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LEAF in demand up north

September 21, 2011

2011 LEAF allocation sold out in Canada The 2011 Nissan LEAF allocation for Canada sold out within the first two hours of reservations being opened. Granted, only 40 vehicles were made available, with 2012 LEAF reservations to open up at a later date, but this does provide more than just an indication of interest. With […]

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Nissan DC Quick Charger – Round Two

September 18, 2011

Smaller, less expensive DC Quick Charger on the way Nissan has developed a second generation DC Quick Charge station that meets the CHAdeMO 1 protocol required by LEAF and the upcoming Mitsubishi i. The charger (pictured above) is powered from a 200 volt AC source.  Some DC Quick Charge stations offered to date, such as the […]

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We saw our first wild Volt today

September 17, 2011

It’s about time We were headed downtown this morning with the whole family loaded up in our LEAF. As we made our way into Balboa Park on State Route 163 South (one of the prettiest sections of freeway in the country, in our opinion) we happened to see another red LEAF, also headed south. As […]

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Things that make you go hmmmmm…

September 14, 2011

Forbes needs better editors it seems Ever have one of those moments that just make you shake your head in wonder? One of our alerts notified us of a Forbes blog article post titled ” Electric Cars Are An Extraordinarily Bad Idea.” We knew that we had to check it out. When we saw the first […]

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