August 2011

Toyota blows away electric race car record at Nurburgring

August 30, 2011

Who knew? 7:47.794. Porsche 911 GT3 RS – 7:47 in 2004. Nissan GT-R – 7:24.22. Clearly, this electric Toyota is an amazingly fast car – electric or otherwise. We simply had no idea that Toyota had this going on. But ya gotta admit – a motorsports arm of a Japanese manufacturer that is based in […]

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VW electric one seater to be announced

August 28, 2011

Experimental vehicle to be announced September 8 Above is pictured Volkswagen’s two-seat XL1 prototype. Introduced in the United States on May 23, 2011 this plug-in hybrid has a sub 1-liter two cylinder, TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel), producing 47 horsepower and 89 lb-ft torque. This engine is combined with a 27 horsepower, 74 lb-ft torque […]

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If you build it, they will come (more quickly, that is)

August 26, 2011

Infrastructure developing in Chicago We mentioned back in February, the fact that the City of Chicago embraced the idea of electric vehicle technology, and wanted to be a front runner along this path. With a total of 280 station installations called for by the end of 2011, Chicago already has 40 Level 2 stations in […]

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Toyota hooks up with Ford

August 24, 2011

The enemy of my enemy is my friend – Arabian proverb When you go big game hunting you bring big guns. They don’t get much bigger than this. You don’t think these guys have General Motors in their sights, do you? Toyota and Ford have announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) providing for the collaboration […]

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Cost of fueling a LEAF

August 22, 2011

More specifically, the cost of fueling our LEAF We took delivery of our car on March 25, 2011. I have the good fortune of having a company car for work, and my wife has the good fortune of having a commute that consists of walking downstairs to her computer. So the LEAF for us is […]

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FIA goes green

August 20, 2011

But would that be the best venue for a new electric race car series? The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), organizer of Formula One races, World Rally Championship and World Touring Car Championship among others is looking to expand their reach to include the Formula E Championship for 100% electric cars. According to their press […]

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The current state of the electric car

August 17, 2011

July sales slow for LEAF and Volt Yes, we know that this is old news. But we’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now. It seems that there is more to the slowdown than lack of supply, as is generally credited in much that we read. “Nissan is recovering from the natural […]

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Where can I charge my electric car?

August 15, 2011

Rapidly changing infrastructure updated Based on a review of our most popular content, we seem to have a high level of interest in two things – LEAF availability and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. That said, we have updated our “How can I find a charging station for my LEAF?” article. Right at the top […]

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Nissan LEAF runs second annual e-miglia

August 13, 2011

Competition improves the breed Long time readers will know that we have a bent toward the motorsports world in our background. Motorsports competition can take many forms. Here we will introduce you to the e-miglia, run for only the second time in 2011, one year after the inaugural event. In our web wanderings we have […]

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LEAF becoming more available around the globe

August 12, 2011

Canada and France get first cars Nissan Canada delivered their first to LEAFs to PowerStream, a municipally owned electricity distribution company in Ontario. No word on when the first retail deliveries will take place. Expectations are much lower for the Canadian release of the LEAF as Nissan has 40 2011 LEAFs allocated for Canadian distribution […]

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