Toyota confirms Scion iQ EV for 2012

by Ernie Hernandez on July 3, 2011

Scion iQ electric car

Scion's iQ "New Urbanism" electric car

Toyota announces new Scion iQ EV at National Dealer Meeting

On June 29 Toyota announced that the 1.3 liter Scion iQ announced at the 2010 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) will also be released as an electric vehicle (EV) in 2012. This leaves Nissan as the only major automobile manufacturer to date with a purpose-built EV, as others take existing platforms and convert them to EV duties. Citing Toyota’s “New Urbanism” claim regarding the 1.3 liter Scion iQ, and looking at the size of the iQ, it seems that Toyota sees the EV – at least their EV – as a “city car”.

We wrote about the potential of the iQ making its U.S. debut last January. We also discussed the upcoming RAV4 EV, to be released next year. In addition, we opined about Toyota’s approach to the future of automobile making. Announcements since then have only reinforced our views of Toyota leaning in the hybrid, rather than the EV, direction. On April 6, Toyota confirmed the upcoming Prius v announced at the NYIAS

Toyota Prius v

Toyota Prius v

while announcing a smaller Prius at their annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas. The Prius c compact arrives in the spring of next year, about the same time that the plug-in Prius should start deliveries according to Toyota.

Toyota Prius c

Toyota Prius c

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indyflick July 3, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Appears Toyota is aiming the Scion iQ EV to compete head on with the Think EV. Brilliant strategy and now that Think has proven there’s no market there, Toyota can have it all to themselves!


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