IKEA store with Blink EVSE
IKEA to get Blink EVSEs at 10 stores

IKEA supports alternative energy

ECOtality and IKEA have announced the installation of EVSE facilities at 10 stores in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. Each store will get a minimum of two charging docks, and become part of the EV Project through December 2012. Charge stations could be operational as soon as fall 2011.

This is not IKEA’s first show of support for alternative energy. The chain currently has eight operational solar energy installations with an additional 12 solar projects on the way. In addition to the solar energy project in Centennial, CO near Denver, IKEA also has a geothermal system in place.

As a corporation, IKEA strives to minimally impact the environment. U.S. sustainable energy operations include building construction considerations, including use of skylights in warehouses, recycled construction materials, and water conserving restrooms. Considering how many people shop at IKEA, that last one is probably a really good idea. Globally, IKEA designs products with energy conservation in mind and works with Global Forest Watch to maintain sustainable resources. We feel that this is an excellent example of striving to be a good corporate neighbor.

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