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LEAF Charge Port LidNissan reduces LEAF projected sales for 2011

Al Castignetti, Nissan’s vice president of U.S. Sales confirmed that sales may reach only half of the projected 20,000 units that Nissan had hoped to sell in 2011. Sales may only total 10,000 to 12,000 by year end. Nissan faced production issues, natural disasters, and a totally new distribution system, as well as producing a vehicle of all-new technology. Now they are admitting that perhaps they bit off more than they could chew.

Bainbridge, Washington to get among first EV Project commercial charge stations

Current utility and streetscape construction allowed planning for among the first EV Project commercial installations in the country. Area reconstruction allowed for incorporation of the EV charging docks in the final project.

Coda’s still around

Coda has set a new target of making cars available in the second half of 2011. Starting price is to be $44,900, with a goal of selling 10,000 units in the first year to California buyers. Cars will be sold online and test drives will be offered at Coda’s retail locations, the first of which will be at Westfield Century City.

LEAF available in Washington, DC through Hertz “Connect by Hertz” carshare program

Hertz new hourly to daily car share program will be the platform by which they will offer the Nissan LEAF, and other green vehicles, to consumers and government agencies. Hertz agreed to take up to 500 Nissan LEAFs and incorporate them into their nationwide fleet.

London to install 1,300 car chargers by 2013

London already has installed 150 new stations, bringing the current total to 400. When complete, the 1,300 public EV charging stations will outnumber the number of gasoline stations in the city. Drivers pay $165 per year to access the new stations. LEAF drivers get the first year free courtesy of Nissan. Let’s hope that they’re not using ECOtality to install them.

LEAF global distribution expanding means fewer available in each market

With the announcement last month that LEAF will now be available in Spain, potential LEAF owners worldwide likely sighed heavily – and not a sigh of relief. With production slowed and delivery issues impacting current orders, adding yet another market is not what vehicle starved buyers want to hear. Although, if you want to buy a LEAF in Spain, this is likely very good news. Expected first delivery dates are in September for orders taken starting last month.

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