March 2011

Fuel costs of electric cars vs. gas powered cars

March 31, 2011

A really small sample of (real world) energy cost variance [UPDATE] We wrote this article in 2011 as an expression of our personal experience comparing the costs of driving our gasoline powered vehicles that we owned at the time with our 2011 LEAF. We have since offered several updates that offer a more useful perspective. […]

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One more step along the way

March 31, 2011

EVSE installation passed the city inspection We don’t have a lot of time to update the site this week, but we did want to pass this information along. One more step to electrical vehicle (EV) ownership was taken yesterday as our EVSE installation was inspected by the City of San Diego and approved. It sounds […]

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Why must it be so?

March 29, 2011

“Since I don’t think that way, how could you possibly think that way?” In our daily news feed we picked up the story about the first Texas LEAF family taking a 500 mile trip in their LEAF. It sounded like a worthy read. A Texas utility company employee, his Nasa engineer wife, and their three […]

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Day Four

March 28, 2011

The real world We have yet to be able to try to reproduce the photo above, just because we haven’t had time. But it is still a goal of ours. (And first we have to actually find that location!) One of our priorities once actually having purchased the LEAF was to apply to the Clean Vehicle […]

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LEAF production restarted in Oppama

March 27, 2011

Netherland sees first LEAFs and production restarts in Japan On March 24, Nissan LEAF production resumed at the Oppama plant, and LEAF battery production resumed at the Zama battery plant. Nissan’s largest logistical issue is rolling blackouts and electricity shortages rather than parts and supplier constraints. Nissan Americas plants plan on normal production through the […]

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Infiniti M Hybrid

March 26, 2011

Power, luxury and efficiency? Granted… it is not fully electric. But when you look at what Nissan has done here, it is worth evaluating. 3.5 liter V6. 50 kilowatt electric motor. Combined 360 horsepower. Better fuel economy than a 122 horsepower 4-cylinder Nissan Versa with automatic transmission. Impressive. Nissan’s previous hybrid vehicle (the Nissan Altima) […]

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Day One

March 25, 2011

The Eagle has landed Ok… so it might not be quite as dramatic as a lunar landing, but having our LEAF in our garage is still pretty exciting! The day started early this morning with the installation crew from Sunwest Electric showing up to install our ECOtality Blink charging dock. Several hours later our new […]

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LEAF going global

March 23, 2011

First customer cars delivered in United Kingdom While paying attention to other things, we totally missed the news that the first LEAF delivery in the United Kingdom took place on Monday. In fact, a pair of LEAFs were received by their new owners. Accompanied by the by now familiar press event, the news moved the […]

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Fisker Karma production begins

March 22, 2011

MSRP approaching six figures Fisker’s sexy Karma performance four-door sedan, originally estimated to be available in the $80,000 price range has started production with an announced price of $95,900 according to Based in Southern California, Fisker has been working on the development of the plug-in hybrid Karma since 2007. Assembled in Finland, the Karma […]

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Running the LEAF out of juice

March 21, 2011

EVs in the real world This post is actually a comment we left in response to an article that appeared on The article references a family running their LEAF out of electricity on the way home from the Seattle airport at night. I’ve linked to the short article above if you wish to read it […]

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