December 2010

All about Nissan LEAF deliveries from the man who knows

December 14, 2010

Mark Perry on LEAF delivery status We had an opportunity to attend the first Southern California LEAF delivery party in San Diego held at Nissan Design America and weren’t disappointed. While trying to find a proper link for you for information about the design center, we found that Nissan is about as secretive about the […]

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Where is my Nissan LEAF in the production queue? Part 2

December 10, 2010

I’ve ordered my LEAF. Now what? Part Two Yesterday we looked at the timing involved from Nissan’s side in delivering the LEAF to their customers. From start of production to turning over the keys to the new owner, the time needed can be less than two months – as will be demonstrated this weekend with […]

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Nissan LEAF named on Ten Best Engines list

December 8, 2010

First ever electric motor named to ten best list While the Nissan LEAF has no engine, it still nabbed a spot on the Ward’s Automotive Ten Best Engine’s list for 2011. It is likely that you have never heard of Ward’s Automotive Group before now. Many haven’t. In their own words “Ward’s has covered the auto […]

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December 11 – First Nissan LEAF US delivery

December 7, 2010

Official word from Nissan confirms December 11 delivery Back on November 22 we published that the first LEAF would be delivered in Northern California on December 11. As far as we know, we were the first to break this story. Word now from Nissan confirms that date according to Green Car Advisor. Other sources have also stated that […]

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